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Wilderness Walk for 6-5-2010

Not a ton to get to today, but still, some interesting stuff out in the hockey world. Hope you enjoy it. Going to Switch up the order a bit today, as well, so buckle your seat belt. I don't want anyone to get whiplash.

First Things First:

Announcing the First Ever SBNation Minnesota Meet-Up! - Hockey Wilderness - This is a fan post over on the right hand column of the site. A couple things - first, if you aren't reading those fan posts, you are missing out. Good stuff from the best blog readers in the general vicinity. ;-) Second, this is not a Hockey Wilderness meet-up. This is a SBNation - Minnesota meet-up. Come have some fun with fans of  all of the Minnesota teams.

Do You Like Hockey Stuff? Want to Help the People of Nashville?

eBay Giving Works - About My Nonprofit - The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee - An ebay auction site set up to benefit the victims of the Nashville flood. Some good stuff, and at reasonable prices. Check it out.

Wild News:

Russo gets us up to date on Bouchard's progress. Expect to see this news across the web today, only those articles will say "Reports say that Bouchard..." and will fail to note the source. Also, the Pioneer Press should have this is the paper tomorrow.

Post-concussion syndrome still nags Bouchard | - Newspaper version.

Russo's Rants | - The Rants version.

CT 2010 NHL Mock Draft - Hockey Wilderness - Another fan post from Circular Theory. Another EXCELLENT fan post from Circular Theory. Make sure you show some love and click the link at the top of the post and give his site a hit or two.

Playoff Team Re-Caps:

Second City Hockey - For Chicago Blackhawks Fans - No game re-cap as of this writing, but it is promised to be up this AM. (Their promise, not mine)

Best Of Three: Flyers hold off frustrated Blackhawks, head to Chicago tied at 2-2 - Broad Street Hockey  - Despite wanting the Hawks to win, it is great to see the series tied up. No one likes a sweep, and this guarantees more hockey. Nice.