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The Third Intermission: Meet Your 2010-11 Houston Aeros

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Our friends over at T3I have started a series of posts introducing you to the new crop of farm hands down in Houston. So far they have previewed five players, at the links provided below. It looks to be a solid series of posts, and these are your Aeros experts, so make sure you read up. These are the players you will see should players get hurt or not perform, so you should know a thing or two about them.

My only issue thus far with these posts is with the Robbie Earl post. Not a single mention of Robbie Earl sombreros. If the meme is going to work, it may need to start in the minors. Also, what better place to wear a sombrero than Texas? I mean Mexico is right there.

Colton Gilles

Matt Kassian

Cody Almond

Robbie Earl (sans sombreros)

Drew Bagnall

Again, make sure you are checking out these player previews, and T3I on a regular basis. This is really the only site you need to go to for all of your Aeros news and commentary. Andrew, John, and of course, Ms. Conduct herself (Heather) all know their stuff, and they get to see these guys on a regular basis. This should be, and is, the go-to site for Aeros info. Don't disappoint me. Go there. Read up.

I'll try to remember to post them as they collect, but go read them while they are fresh, and add T3I to your RSS feeds and Google Readers. Do it. Don't back talk, just do it. Also, you can follow them on Twitter: @3rdIntermission