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Play NHL 10. Beat the Wilderness. Win NHL 11

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Last week we, and many SBN hockey blogs, were contacted by a company called Rivalspot. Rivalspot conducts online video game tournaments. They have asked if we would be interested in a Hockey Wilderness NHL 10 tournament as part of a greater SBN tournament.

This tournament is free, and the winner receives a copy of NHL 11. But yes, Rivalspot does also have paid tournaments in which you can win cash.

So what do we need from you?

  1. Click the above image to register even though we don't have a tournament yet. This will let us know how many people are interested.
  2. Post in the comments what system you prefer for the tournament: Xbox 360 or PS3
  3. Post when would be good for you to play. Not "this Wednesday at 7pm" be more flexible: something like "weeknights" or "weekend afternoons", etc.
  4. Feel free to give us feedback if you hate promotions and getting free copies of new video games.

So yeah, I'm not playing, because I don't have either system, but I would think something like this would be of interest to many of you. Let me know!

[Note by nathaneide, 08/24/10 8:59 AM CDT ]