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Puck Daddy "Jersey Fouls" Needs Your Help

In today's jersey foul post over on Puck Daddy, there is a Wild fan featured, as you will see below. In the description of the jersey, we find that some people have WAY too much money and free time, but we also have a question posed. I fugre if anyone can solve the riddle, it is the readers of Hockey Wilderness. Ready? Go:


Puck Buddy JVR from St. Paul offers what is, by far, one of our favorite Jersey Fouls of the year, even if it’s a tab ambiguous in the photo. From a Minnesota Wild game:

I apologize for the bad angle and inability to read the name on this jersey. I had to snap it as he was on his way out just as the game was ending. I thought I saw a Guillaume Latendresse jersey, but the letters were half the height of the normal letters and read "LETSUNDRESS". Hahaha - stupid. I have no idea what that gold jersey is in the background.

Neither do we. PASS OR FAIL: Humorous plays on players names. 


So. Two questions:

1. Pass or fail on the jersey?

2. Anyone know what the gold jersey to the left is? It looks to resemble a yellow version of the Preds jerseys, but I have never seen it. Anyone out there know? If so, let us know, and perhaps send along a photo you might have of it.