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A look at Mikael Granlund

Chosen by the Minnesota Wild 9th overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft - is Mikael Granlund "The One"?

Are you wanting to get a closer look at the Wild's shinning young prospect? 

Sure he may not get as much press coverage as the Oilers' Taylor Hall or the Bruins' Tyler Seguin - with the largely North American bias in coverage in the US and Canada; but Minnesota's 9th overall Mikael Granlund is a star in his own right.

So this morning when I stumbled across yet another great article by Risto Pakarinen that just happened to be about the young Finnish center I had to jump on it to link it to the rest of you die hard Wild fans (face it unless you're a die hard hockey fan you're not reading hockey news in the off season).

Pakarinen covers everything from Grtanlund's favorite movies, his ankle injury, to his plans for school.