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Wilderness Walk for 9-19-2010

Another quick walk, as plans have once again changed this morning, and I am off to assist with home repairs rather than going to camp. One of these days, I'll be able to make it, I promise.

Make the jump for Youngblood on goalie masks, Russo on a whole host of things, Brothers on Wellman and Havlat, and a pretty cool photo slide show from the StarTrib.

Random Wild Photo of the Day:


This way, you can see to eat your toast and check what time it is.

Wild News:

Man behind Backstrom's mask is 15-year-old artist | - Sweet design, awesome execution by Matt Niska. Backstrom should be proud to sport this mask.

*Correction.. Todd Miska made the mask. It was early when I wrote this. Apologies.*

Wild opens camp with banter and questions | - Russo with some of the player-on-player heckling going on at camp.

#mnwild training camp opens; teenager presents Backstrom with mask (updated twice) | - Russo's Rants recapping the day.

Young Casey Wellman ready to battle Wild crowd at center - - Not sure he has much of a chance at center, but from all reports, he is going to either be on the team, or a top guy in Houston.

With Derek Boogaard gone, Minnesota Wild's Martin Havlat snags jersey No. 24 - - All of you who bought Havlat 14 jerseys can line up at the "Oh, That's too bad, that'll be $185 for a new one, please" booth.

Minnesota Wild hold their first practice of the new season | - Very cool photo slide show from Jim Gerhz.