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Aeros announce Training Camp Roster


The Houston Aeros have announced the preliminary training camp roster, and there are some familiar names on the list. Obviously, the list is incomplete, as many players who most likely start the year i Houston are still at Wild camp. As players are re-assigned, they will either be sent to Houston, back to their respective junior squads, or cut outright.

For now, the Aeros seem the likely destination, so we'll look at who is on the first list. After the jump.

Left Wings:

Brandon Buck

Michael Kennedy

Matt Robinson

Peter Zingoni


Joel Broda

Tyler Burton

Jay Fehr

Eric Johansson

Rylan Kiap

Jarod Palmer

Right Wing:

Aaron Boogaard

Jean-Michael Doust

Aaron Lewicki

Jarod Palmer

Bobby Robins


JF David

Jamie Fraser

Kris Fredheim

Jason Lepine

Harlan Pratt

Brandon Rodgers


Josh Tordjman

Per-Oliver Pelletier


Anyone catch your eye? Maybe the first name listed under the RW? Aaron Boogaard will be in Aeros camp. This is an interesting twist after big brother Derek left for the Rangers. It's also interesting as Aaron left the Minnesota organization to join up with the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise, but never was given much of chance. Not surprising, figuring his skill set is much like his brothers, and the Pens don't subscribe to that particular view point.

Should be an interesting camp. Make sure you are following @MsConduct10 on Twitter, and reading The Third Intermission for all of Aeros updates.