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Minnesota Wild vs Saint Louis Blues: Game 2 Re-Cap

Can anyone say "Not good" in Finnish?
Can anyone say "Not good" in Finnish?

Minnesota Wild 0 - 5 Saint Louis Blues

For enemy perspective, please visit Saint Louis Game Time.

This may well be the first ever Twitter and comment section based game report in Hockey Wilderness history. Please, feel free to expound on the game in this comment section if you got to see the game.

While it remains preseason, the Wild are either making the Blues look a lot better than they are, or the Blues are a much better team than the Wild. One of the two.After taking a 5-1 beating on Wednesday night, Wild coach Todd Richards said the team would be "better." Through one period of play, it looked like that may be the case.

Russo tweeted about several players looking good, including Cuma, Kassian, and Stoner. Things looked pretty good for the Wild, especially seen from the screen of a cell phone with no internet access. Then, things went down hill, and fast. Josh Harding was injured making a save, initial reports saying it is his knee, and not his surgically repaired hip. Matthew Hackett came in and was welcomed to the NHL with five goals against.

The Blues on the other hand, played a shut-out worthy game, and David Perron was "toying with the Wild," according to Russo, and the chances for the Wild sound as though they were fairly routine saves for Conklin. Even with a 67 second 5 on 3, the Wild still could not muster much more than a cross bar.

All-in-all, it was another performance to be forgotten. Not seeing it may be the only saving grace.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:

1. Ty Conklin (Shutout, 21 Saves

2. David Perron (2G, 7SOG, 18:28 TOI)

3. Alex Steen (2G, 6SOG, 17:09 TOI)

Five Questions:

1. How will Casey Wellman look playing with 2/3 of the Twilight line? 17:09 TOI, 6:55 PP TOI, but no real chances. In a game that was 5-0, he was not on the ice for any of them, so that's something.

2. This may be the last (only?) harrah for some of these guys. Who makes an impression? Not sure anyone left the impression they wanted to. Kassian did what he was hired to do, so maybe he did.

3. How will Josh Harding look in his first game action since surgery? Ouch. Left the game with injury to right knee. Not good.

4. Can Stoner find a way to get off the ice when the Blues are about to score? On the ice for three more against tonight.

5. Who provides the big hit with Clutterbuck watching from Saint Paul? That would be Matt Kassian.