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Wilderness Walk for 9-25-2010

This picture was just too good to pass up.
This picture was just too good to pass up.

You all get a bit of a break today. The Walk is relatively short, as it seems no one really wants to talk too much about the past couple of games. Today's walk will take us to the beat writers, to Houston, and to Montreal for an article at least one of us will be able to read.

Enjoy your day, all.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Not a great fight, but it came at the end of both of their shifts. The more impressive thing to Wild fans should be that Prosser was, GASP, defending his goalie. Impressive, kid. Impressive.

Wild News:

Top prospects take best shot at final openings on blue line | - Now talking about a seventh or eight dman on the roster. Turns out... our blueline might not be all that good. There's still time, though right? Right?

Harding suffers knee injury in Blues rout over #mnwild | - Russo's Rants featuring an update on Harding.

Wild goalie Josh Harding injured upon return to the ice - - Pioneer Press' take on the Harding injury, and the game.

Nate Prosser eager to prove he's worthy of sticking with Wild this season - - At this point, Prosser seems like a solid option at six, no?

In the System:

The Third Intermission: Meet Your 2010-11 Aeros: Matt Hackett - Not a great showing for Mr. Hackett last night. First NHL action, behind a defense that gave up and a team on the march to the penalty box. Keep your head up, kid.

Off the Trail:

Latendresse déplore la réaction des fans envers Carey Price | Marc Antoine Godin | LNH - Google translate gets the point across. This is an article about the booing of Carey Price in Montreal. Lats matches the opinion of everyone out side MTL in thinking it seems rather stupid to boo your franchise goalie.