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Minnesota Wild vs Montreal Canadiens: Game Re-Cap

I feel for this child. Poor kid has a life of Habs fandom ahead her.
I feel for this child. Poor kid has a life of Habs fandom ahead her.

This will be rather short, as I, again, did not see the game. The StarTrib had a man in Montreal that did a fairly decent job, so make sure you check that out. We'll discuss it more in the Walk in the morning, but the re-cap is pretty good.

For now, we'll just jump to a few note worthy things from the stats page:

- Of the four goals scored by Montreal, Clayton Stoner was on the ice for two of them.

- Marco Scandella was on the ice for three against, and one goal for the Wild.

- Cody Almond was on for three against, all at even strength.

- The Wild had five shots on goal through two periods, including just one in the second. They finished with just 14.

Positives, all pulled from the stat sheet look to have come from Justin Falk, Drew Bagnall, Cal Clutterbuck, Antti Miettinen, and Kyle Brodziak. Despite the positive looking score sheet, reports are that Guillaume Latendresse had another iffy game. Hopefully he can pull out of that after the team pairs down to it's near final roster tomorrow.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:

None. Not even going to venture a guess.

Five Questions:

1. With most of the regulars out of the lineup for the third game in three nights, can the Wild actually win a game this preseason? Nope. As the article in the Trib reports, Todd Richards did not believe the score accurately reported the game. From the stats, I would agree.

2.Does Drew Bagnall continue to impress? Certainly looks like it. Making the decision a rather difficult one, that's for sure.

3. How does the goaltending tandem slated to start in Houston look against the Habs? Sounds to me like the defense once again let down the goalies. Hackett did not play, as the Wild looked to give Khudobin a chance to show his stuff.

4.Does Staubitz drop the gloves tonight, and is there any on the Habs that knows how to fight? Staubitz did not, but Bagnall and Kalus got to dance. Former Wild Alex Henry is with the Habs right now, and was a willing partner.

5. Who provides the phone book for Scott Gomez tonight? Verizion or Yellow Reporters were denied access to this information.


6. If Pouliot plays, does he float out of the building? Pouliot did not play. Poor kid.