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Wilderness Walk for 9-27-2010

Well, after scouring the interwebz to fill your Walk with lots of fine, entertaining reading, I have compiled a large list. I hope you have time to set aside everything for the next couple of hours, as you will need that long for everything to sink in. Try not to do it all at once, maybe take it in sections. Get help from a friend if needed. Do not, under any circumstances, try to handle this alone.

I hope to see you on the other side.

Wild News:

Khudobin does well in spots as Wild weighs keeping him | - Russo didn't go to Montreal, so we get the lyrical stylings of one Sean Farrell. The best part of this article comes on the second page, when he quotes Chuck Fletcher as having an interest in Vesa Toskala.

Well... that's it. Yep. One link. I sure hope you can handle it. The way I figure it, it should take you all the rest of the day to process Vesa Toskala in Iron Range Red. Enjoy that.