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Wilderness Walk for 9-29-2010

Today's Walk is extensive. No, really. You are about to embark on a Walk that will take you from Columbus to Saint Paul, from Finland to Boston, and into subjects you never thought would be covered on Hockey Wilderness. Enjoy yourself, don't take life too seriously, and try to have some fun, will ya?

Oh, and it's picture day. Smile.

Random Wild Video of the Day:

Just a reminder. Everybody in this video is still on the team. Good things can happen. It looks bleak now, but good things can happen.

Wild News:

Wild has its good moments but can't register first win | - Russo's gamer, with some notes.

Blue Jackets 3, #mnwild 2 (shootout); Zidlicky injured | - Russo's Rants, with some more in-depth notes.

Wild centers positioned to carry load | - Kent Youngblood writes about the center position. Would be nice if it would pay dividends now, eh?

Minnesota Wild to hold free open practice in Helsinki Sunday, Oct. 3 as part of 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere - 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere - At least the fans in Helsinki will be able to watch some hockey for free.

Stoner told to skip trip - - You have to feel for the kid. Here's hoping he can pull it together.

Shootout in Columbus leaves Minnesota Wild winless in exhibitions - - Brothers' gamer.

Post Game Enemy Perspective:

Game 5 (X) Recap: Jackets Punch Back, Win 3-2 in SO - The Cannon - The boys in Columbus are rather proud of their team's win. Must be nice.

Off the Trail:

Freodom: 2010-11 NHL season preview - A season preview from a blog that says it talks about everything from politics in Finland to Formula One racing. Read about how the Wild have a scoring duo of Koivu and Havlat, play the trap, and are boring. Yes, it really was posted today.

The unwritten agreement, or, Why did my team do that? - A breakdown on why some guys can go to the AHL while some guys cannot. Good stuff from the team at Something's Bruin.

Pass it to Bulis: Why Are the Atlanta Thrashers Actively Acquiring Black Players? Beginning our "Deep Thinking" portion of the Walk, Pass it Bulis explores the possibility that the Thrashers are hiring more black players... on purpose. Good stuff.

ALA | Banned and/or Challenged Books from the Radcliffe Publishing Course top 100 novels of the 20th century

ALA | Banned books from 2000-2009 - This week is National Banned Book Week. The concept of banning a book should be imposible in this country, and yet it happens everyday. What is your favorite banned book from the lists above?