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Minnesota Wild vs. Columbus Blue Jackets: Game Recap

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For enemy perspective, please visit The Cannon.

I didn't watch tonight, so take this with a grain of salt. The Wild finished the North American leg of the preseason 0-6. Sure, it looks bad, but it's the preseason right? Well, since they pretty much showed few signs of progress, I'd say it's not looking good for the hometown team. Add in the fact that they can no longer say they're learning a new system, and it gets worse.

The positives? Both Wild goals were scored on the power play. They outshot Columbus 11-5 in the third period. John Madden and Eric Nystrom were both even on the night, as was Drew Bagnall (earning him a trip to Finland). Aside from that, I got nothing.

This has been a painful preseason. Not a "take your lumps and move on" kinda painful, but a real, honest, hard-to-watch, leaving you wondering about the season to come and how hot the seat under Todd Richards' butt, maybe looking at who the top few picks in the NHL draft will be next summer in St. Paul kinda painful.

It's ugly, but the season starts anew from Helsinki. Godspeed your travels Wild.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:
  1. Ethan Moreau (1 G, 1 A)
  2. Sami Pahlsson (1 G, 1 A)
  3. Matt Cullen (1G)
Five Questions:
  1. After giving up two goals to the C Blue Jackets, can the Wild's team defense shut down the like of Rick Nash? No goals on three shots for my man-crush.
  2. Backstrom's play was one of the strong points for two periods in the last match. Does that continue, and can he put it together for the full 60 minutes? Gave up four, and it didn't sound like he was helping his cause any.
  3. Kobasew on the Twilight line tonight. Can he be more effective there than Clutterbuck was? -1 in 10:57. Gui, come back soon please.
  4. Still no Clayton Stoner. Has Justin Falk stolen the sixth spot, and how will Falk look this evening? It's either Falk or Bagnall. EDIT: Stoner is heading to Finland. Leave him there.
  5. Final chance for the rookies to make an impression. How will Falk, Scandella, and Bagnall handle the pressure? Well, Bagnall is headed to Finland while Scandella is headed to Houston, so I guess that tells the story.