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New Enemy: Maxim Lapierre

Happy new year Wilderness! I haven't been around much lately, but right now, I'm chilling for a few days. Last night, the Anaheim Ducks acquired Maxim Lapierre from my dreaded Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Brett Festerling and a 5th round pick in 2012. Seeing this, I thought HAHAHAHAHAHA but also, new year, why not new feature? I thought that every time an Eastern Conference player gets traded to a Western Conference team, I could get you better acquainted with them. Seeing as I know way too much about the Habs, Lapierre's the perfect player to start this feature off with.

Make the jump to learn more about Maxim Lapierre.

Maxim Lapierre

#40 / Center / Anaheim Ducks



Mar 29, 1985


2010 - Maxim Lapierre 38 5 3 8 -7 63 0 0 0 78


Unhappy with his decreasing role in Montreal, Lapierre decided he had enough and he had a talk with the coaches. While he didn't directly ask for a trade, that talk resulted in one. Let's face it, this guy's not a world-beater. What he is is a world-class pest. Oh goody, the Ducks get another Corey Perry, albeit a way less talented one, officially making the Ducks one of the most annoying teams in the league. Maxim Lapierre is one of those players you love to hate and hate to love. He's a guy you will love if he's on your team and will hate massively when he plays against your team. In fact, he's Cal Clutterbuck minus the 'stache. Admit it, if Clutterbuck were anything else than a Wild player, we would absolutely hate the guy. Lappy led the Canadiens in hits with 104 (good for 17th in the league). He's a super-chirpy energy player, a pest, but with more bark than bite. He's famous for his trash-talk (either in french or pretty bad english) and his smile, which would make anyone want to punch it off. He's also famous for being a duck and run player, extremely arrogant and a diver, but of course all haters are going to say that. He has around the same fight per season ratio as Clutter but his diver's reputation follows him big time. Many people compare him to soccer player Christiano Ronaldo because they kind of look alike and they both like to dive. Many people alos joke that Quebec's own Olympic-medalled diver Alexandre Despatie is the second best diver in Quebec behind Maxim Lapierre. So yeah, Lappy has forged quite a reputation for himself in his 5 years in the league.

I know what you're thinking: ''Fourth-liner gets traded for an AHLer and a late round pick, big deal'', well in last year's playoffs, you know, the one where the Habs surprised the Caps and Pens, Lapierre may just have been the best Hab not named Jaroslav Halak or Michael Cammalleri. He always played with energy and scored very important goals. He didn't necessarily put many points on the board, but he still found a way to breathe life into the team and the fanbase (I know this because I watched every single game the Habs played in the playoffs last year despite hating them madly...I guess Habs hockey is better than no hockey, right?) He was also given more ice time in the post-season, which makes one wonder what could be. He's only 25, but while his potential is limited, he still has plenty of time to grow. The change of scenery should also help. This is a former 15-goal scorer, so you never know.

Another reason this trade is a bigger deal than you would think is because Montreal loses yet another hometown player. Last year it was Guillaume Latendresse, now it's Lapierre. Granted Lapierre was never going to be the savior they were looking for, which is what they thought Latendresse was going to be, but for a franchise that has always had these legendary Quebec-born players, the fans are hungry for that next hometown legend. Right now, they've got their hopes on Louis Leblanc, currently playing some good hockey with Team Canada at the WJC. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to feel for these Habs fans, who are seeing all of these hometown players being dumped or abandonned and traded for almost nothing. I mean, most Habs fans have never liked Benoit Pouliot, despite his scoring spurt last season and Festerling will never win the Norris trophy. Imagine if the Wild drafted a Minnesotan with promise only to see him get traded before they could actually get a real chance at.... Oh wait...

So to cap all of this off, Maxim Lapierre is unlikely to be much of a scoring threat, he won't be this year's G-Lat, but he joins a team the Wild and its fans already hate with a passion, joins one of the most hated trash-talker around in Corey Perry and will almost certainly makes some ''friends'' in Minnesota when the teams face each other on February 18th. You will understand why he's one of my most hated players (even if the CH logo is off his chest)

Don't really know what else I could add, but if you've got questions, I'll answer, I've seen this guy play A LOT.