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Wilderness Walk for 1-11-2011: Game Day Edition

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Maybe if I glue my hand to Cal, they won't get rid of me...
Maybe if I glue my hand to Cal, they won't get rid of me...

Wow, lookie there. 1-11-11. That sure is neat. Right? Oh, wait. It is just another day? OK. Moving on.

It will be nice to actually get to watch some hockey tonight. After missing three wins, and then only catching parts of the third against the Stars, it will be very nice to actually see them play again. A big game, as they all have become now. The Preds are ahead of them in the standings, and those are the teams you need to beat. In a truly John Madden (football) moment, this is where you say: "They need to beat everyone. BOOM!" 

Not much for the Walk today. With no practice and a late flight, there was no news out of Wild brass. Although, Wild PR guru and Russo went to WWE RAW last night in Nashville. If you missed it on Twitter, they were providing live updates. Russo is reporting that wrestling may be fake. No confirmation on that yet.

While you wait for the game, check out the Facebook Question of the Day, will you?

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