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Wilderness Walk for 1-13-2011

Slim pickin's today, folks. Off day yesterday leads to very little to write about, thus the fact that you have me writing about whiny goalies, and not about the Wild. The team does practice today, and I think we could all use an update of Jose Theodore and if he is going tomorrow, or if Anton Khudobin will get a chance.

Yeah. Right. 

Regardless, there will likely not be much time wasted on the Walk today, so make sure you head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. That'll kill, you know, about fifteen seconds of your day. We do what we can, people. Sometimes, you actually have to work. I'm sorry.

Wild News

Wild goalie Anton Khudobin's second time around with team likely to be brief - - Bruce Brothers writes a little about Borat.

Midseason Goats: Biggest disappointments for all 30 NHL teams - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - You may recognize the writer they found to help with the Wild "goat." Maybe not though. Some of you are pretty slow. Wait... what?

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Roloson strikes again; Flyin' Ryan - Guess who's back? Back again. Kevin's back. Tell a friend. Oh, and Bobby Ryan is pretty good.

Off the Trail

High School Hockey Series - The Strib is partnered up for some insights into the world of high school hockey in Minnesota. Don't think HS hockey is a big deal? You're wrong.

 Pucks Wild - I would like to welcome Matt and his new blog to the chorus of Wild blogs. Always good to have another voice. All I can say, sir, is that first impressions are difficult to change, and the fact that Hockey Unplugged was last night, not tonight, and that Hockey Unplugged generally happens bi-weekly, not annually are not working to make that impression a good one. We forgive and forget around here. Well, OK. We don't. We'll make an exception this time. Welcome to the group. No. Really, honestly. Welcome to the group. If we can be of any assistance, feel free to ask.