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Patrick O'Sullivan on Waivers

Now available: One defensive liability with strong ability to be happy for others.
Now available: One defensive liability with strong ability to be happy for others.

Russo reported earlier, and the Wild have confirmed, that Patrick O`Sullivan is on waivers. Should he clear, that opens up the possibility, and likelihood, that he gets to go back to the Aeros. Thus the career of POS has come full circle. 

His 93 points in the 2005-06 campaign for the Aeros are what led the Kings to be interested in him as part of the Pavol Demitra trade. After that trade, the wheels started to spin, topping out with one 50 point season with the Kings before being sent to the Oilers, then to the Hurricanes, and finally back to the Wild.

If you remember, when he was claimed by the Wild, he was a stop gap. He was a winger to fill the hole left by Pierre-Marc Bouchard, and with Butch's return, there are too many wings fighting for ice time, and prospects that deserve a shot. Giving that TOI to POS is just not the right thing to do at this point. 

After scoring a goal in his first game with the Wild, and adding an assist the next game, fans were ready to jump on board the Sully train. The number of warning lights coming in from fans of former teams was enough to keep the crew here at Hockey Wilderness from buying in too hard.

Eventually, the floating, the disinterest, the lack of emotion, and the laziness in the defensive zone all came back. And with that, Sully catches a ride on the waiver wire for the 962nd time in his career. I don't know of too many teams lining up to pluck him this time, though anything is possible. My bet is Ms. Conduct gets her Sully back. 

One thing this does, which is a positive, is if claimed or assigned to Houston, O'Sullivan's $600K salary comes off the books. This is a very good thing if the Wild plan to make moves at the deadline to bring in help. Even if the Wild are sellers at the deadline, the space is good for flexibility with any moves the Wild do make.

So. See you later, Sully. We will forever miss your... oh, who am I kidding? Enjoy the AHL, champ.