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We're half way there - Now what?

It is January, we are now halfway though the season, and the Wild are once again on the outside looking in at the play off hopes.

Currently sitting in 10th place in the Western Conference, the Wild have played 43 of their 82 regular season games and have only cumulated 47 points, while the conference leading (and coincidently division leading) Vancouver Canucks have 62 points. The 47 points, however, ties them with the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks along with keeping them one point above the St. Louis Blues.

What the 47 points doesn’t show is that 8th place right now currently has 50 points.

The Dallas Stars are sitting in 3rd place in the conference with only ten more points than the Wild, and the Wild have a game in hand. If the Wild win their next two games and Chicago loses their next two games, that could slide the Wild into 7th place in the conference (again other teams would have to win/lose games but you get the idea if it was a perfect easy world).

So where do we go from here?

It’s January and the trade deadline is looming ever closer. Do we make a deal? Who would we deal for?


How about kicking ourselves into gear? Sure we had a rough start to the season with Harding getting injured in the pre season but Theodore has come in and worked out well enough to ease that stress. What happened to actually putting the puck in the net though? Brent Burns leads the team in goals. Not to take any credit away from him he’s done a great job and congratulations are in order for the All-Star game. However, a defenseman should never be the offensive power on the team. Bad things happen when defense is forced to focus on offense. Like everyone is focused on offense and no one is focused on defense and then the goaltender is left out to dry and catch the blame - when it's not the goalies fault!

Of course while I am writing this news broke that the Wild have now placed Patrick O’Sullivan on waiver. After being drafted by the Wild , was traded during the 2006 Draft and made his debut with the Kings only to end up in Carolina before coming back to Minnesota to now go on waivers.

Is your head spinning with that one? Mine sure is.

Oh, and now Jose Theodore has a hip injury. Why do so many Minnesota goalies suffer hip injuries? Someone needs to look into that. Wild can’t improve until there is some stability on the back end, as when your goaltenders can’t stay "healthy" there is no constancy for the skaters.

I don’t know what is going to happen today much less what is going to develop in the next few months. My only hope is that the Wild take the high road and continue to develop and push for improvement within themselves (individually and as a unit) and that they don’t decide to tank the rest of the season for a high draft pick.