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Who Wants Patty O?

Summing up Patrick O'Sullivan's career.
Summing up Patrick O'Sullivan's career.

Just jumped in the shower, and came back to three emails asking why I don't think anyone would want to claim Patrick O`Sullivan. Rather than answer those three people, and then have to answer the same question again, I'll just answer it here. I figure, if three people are wondering, there are likely more. So here we go.

The short answer would be: because he is terrible. I don't think anyone wants the short answer, so after the jump, get the long answer.

We'll do this team by team.

Right away, we can remove the Wild from the choices. They cannot claim him. We can also remove the Hurricanes, since they waived him to get him off of their squad already. Why would they want to magically want him back on the roster? Remember, any team that claims him is forced to put him on their NHL roster. To get him to their minor league squad, they would have to place him back on waivers, and the dance begins again.

The Oilers already had him, as did the Kings. If they wanted him, they would still have him. Add in the Coyotes, due to the fact that they traded for him just to buy him out. I don't think they want to pay him twice.

Now, we'll take the top ten teams in the league off the chart. I don't see the Canucks, Flyers, Red Wings, Penguins, Lightning, Stars, Capitals, Bruins, Rangers, or Predators disrupting the chemistry in the locker room or adding a floating defensive zone disaster to their ranks right now. Why would they? They are in the playoffs, look to stay there, and do not need another forward the best I can tell. If they needed someone of questionable talent, they would call their AHL affiliate.

We have eliminated half the league already. See how easy this is? 

He does not fit in with the Ducks, nor Maple Leafs, since he is not the type to lay a crushing blow to break up a rush. His truculence level is lacking, and thus neither team is going to be interested. 

The Sharks already has enough players who cannot live up to the expectations placed on them, Chicago has cap issues, and a team that works together just fine. The Thrashers are not going to do anything to screw things up right now. If it isn't sure bet, they are not about to go near it. Sully is far from a sure bet. 

Would the Avalanche have any interest? Maybe, but it is highly doubtful. He didn't make it in Edmonton, nor in Minnesota. Generally Colorado is smart enough to stay away from players cut from division rivals. The Blues are not lacking for forwards in their ranks, and are fighting for a playoff spot, not for draft position. 

The Buffalo Sabres might be interested. You know, if they felt it would make a difference at all. They are suffering, and POS is just not going to add a spark. The Slugs seems to be willing to play it out and see where their chips fall. 

The Flames, Panthers, Senators, Islanders, and Devils are all vying for lottery picks at this point. The only reason one of them would claim him is if they feel he can help long term. The fact that Sully has yet to show he can stick with a team, let alone help long term, it is doubtful any of them would place a claim. Nothing is impossible here, but if you were the Devils, what good does it do you to add another guy who can't play defense?

That leaves us with two teams. The Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Montreal Canadiens. Would either of these teams have an interest? The Blue Jackets have issues of their own, including finding a center for Rick Nash. Is O'Sullivan a Rick Nash level center? That would be the same as asking if Cam Barker should be Nicklas Lidstrom's defensive partner. Not going to happen.

Now... the Habs. We do know they have a penchant for washed up floating wingers. Though, they usually prefer to trade something of value for them. If the Habs want him, I see them waiting for him to clear waivers, then offering the Wild a goal scorer winger. Who knows. Maybe Sully can skate with Benoit Pouliot

As you can see, the prospects for him being claimed look pretty thin. I do not have inside information on any of these teams, nor do I know them well enough to know their internal organizational needs. It just seems laughable that at this point anyone really wants the guy. For a player who such high hopes, it is disappointing to see, but the truth hurts.