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Wilderness Walk for 1-14-2011: Game Day Edition

Good morning all. Some fun we are going to have tonight, huh? We have Chris "Classy" Stewart back in the lineup for the Avs, Mr. Dater is in town, and the Wild have four goaltenders in the stable. The two that will play tonight have a total of three games played in the NHL. Three. The confidence overwhelms me.

Not to say the boys can't handle it. At this point, can it get much worse between the pipes? Four goals against, then five was not exactly chest pounding performance. So who knows, maybe we see the Anton Khudobin that showed up last year and shut the door for two games. No slight on Matthew Hackett, but if we see him tonight, the hockey gods are just plain cruel.

Barring some unforeseen circumstances, Hockey Wilderness will be represented at the game tonight. With the holidays over, hopefully it removes one hurdle that was prevented us from getting down there. Of course, now that I said that, I am going to go spin around three times, spit, and curse. Just in case.

Before the game, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, would you?

Wild News


Wild is changing on the fly | - Keeping up with who is active, who isn't, who is on the roster, and who is being shipped out is a full time gig right now. Glad I'm not the equipment guy. Four goalies? FOUR?

Wild places Patrick O'Sullivan on waivers; Theodore joins Backstrom on hip casualty unit | - Rants from yesterday with the news on Sully and Backstrom.

Wild face manpower shortage - - Not sure I agree with the headline. They have the manpower... it's just not the ideal situation. They can still field a roster.

Wild Avs Rivalry - Minnesota Wild - Features - building it all up. Glen also takes some nice shots across the bow. Good read.

Aeros News

The Third Intermission: Tordjman vs. Chicago - Let's not forget that the Wild have called up both of the Aeros goalies. As though minor league hockey weren't challenging enough.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: King Henrik beheads Canucks; Sharks in freefall - Anyone beating the Canucks is a good day.

Enemy News

Colorado Avalanche - The Denver Post - Ah, yes. Mr. Dater's paper. Make sure you check out his blog after the game. I'm sure it will be filled with stunning, amazing, must read information.

Mile High Hockey - SBNation home for the Avalanche

Off the Trail

Wasting Money and Dropping IQ, One Post at a Time - SB Nation Minnesota - A post I wrote over at the MN hub. I really hope you'll read it. The original authors feel the Wild should pay for the roof on the Vikings' new stadium. Yes, really.
In the "holy crap, are you serious" department, we find what may be, quite possibly, the dumbest solution to the Vikings' stadium problems we've ever seen.