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Wilderness Walk for 1-16-2011: Game Day Edition

How come every picture from the Nashville game is of Theo on the ice? Strange.
How come every picture from the Nashville game is of Theo on the ice? Strange.

A reminder to start your day. Just because you can shovel snow and yell into your cellphone at 6AM, doesn't mean you  have to. Are we all clear on that? OK, good. 

I don't often write that I feel the Wild have little hope to win a game, but I really do not feel they have much hope to win this one tonight. Yes, I know it is the Canucks, and yes, I know the Wild traditionally get up for games against the Canucks. After watching Borat in the last game, I just don't see him having what it takes to shut down the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, and the rest of them. 

The team may step it up, and play an amazing game. I wouldn't put it past them. However, Backstrom has always come up with huge games against the Nuckleheads, and I just don't see that out of Borat. Sorry, I just don't. I hope they, and he, prove me wrong.

While you are waiting, check out the Facebook Question of the Day. It'll be fun, and painless. I promise. 

Wild News


Wild lines tweaked to remedy slumps | - I hate to say it, but it may be time to pull a Lemaire and start switching things up in game, as well.

Minnesota Wild hoping new line results in more goals - - More on the line changes.

Tom Powers: Whether he stays or goes, Wild's John Madden has found a home in Minnesota - I really hate to admit this, but Tom has a pretty good piece on John Madden


Backstrom doubtful to start vs. Vancouver; Scandella suffers gruesome ear injury | - Russo has the updates on the players. Scandella's injury sounds nasty.

Enemy News


Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - Vancouver newspaper. As usual, tons of news in Vancouver.

Nucks Misconduct - Home of some of the best Canuckleheads I have ever met. Stop by and say hi, will ya?

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Around the NHL - Despite having several heart attacks watching the Steelers play, KiPA was nice enough to still do an NHL round up. What a guy.