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Wilderness Walk for 1-18-2011: Game Day Edition

Before we go, big congratulations to Jamie Langenbrunner and Patrick Marleau. Both played in their 1000th NHL game last night. It doesn't matter what team you root for, reaching the 1000 game mark is impressive. Congrats, gentlemen. 

Now, on to The Walk. Another good sized constitutional this morning. The Wild begin a four game set out of town, and are gone for two weeks. Four games, two weeks. Yikes. Such is life in the NHL. As you will see from the Walk, the Wild are back in "must win" mode, though depending on how you feel about it, "must win" is either an every game situation, or what's the point?

The Wild start the trip tonight against Edmonton, a team still struggling with youth, but still capable of beating anyone on any given night. Should be one of those show up and win type games, but we all know how that usually goes. Enjoy the game all. Oh, and stop by Facebook for the Question of the Day.

Wild News

Theodore skates | -Theo taking the steps needed to come back. Sounds like Borat gets one more start.

Wild's Brunette hopes to stick around - - Honestly, this could be a guy saying the right things, but being Bruno, he might actually want to stay here. Problem is, he won't be back next year, and the Wild need to get assets for him. 

The road ahead: More must-win games for the Wild | - Kent Youngblood filling in for Russo. Desperation needs to kick in soon for the Wild. My bet? It's too late.

Stopping the spin - Watch out whiny goalies. In less than a week, the Wild have shown that the spin-o-rama can be done in a game, and that it can be stopped. 

What Can Todd Richards Learn From Jacques Lemaire? - The Copper & Blue - Excellent post. Must read of the day.

DARCY KUEMPER WHL PLAYER OF THE WEEK - I think this may be about the 900th time he has won this honor this season. Look out Hackett, you'll have some challenges from this guy next year.


Enemy News

Edmonton Journal – Hockey United – Breaking Oilers News, Game Photos, Oiler Blogs - Edmonton newspaper. Good stuff up there. Very little hate for the Wild.

The Copper & Blue - One of the best on SBNation. Make sure you check it out today.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Bruins roll, Stars power past Kings - The Stars are a good team. I can't explain to you how much it pains me to write that.

Off the Trail

 Larsson takes top spot in TSN's Mid-Season Draft Rankings - A good look at where the top draft prospects fall at the mid point of the NHL season. 

Video Fun

Maybe you saw this yesterday, but it is still awesome. I love a good coach's melt down.