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Wilderness Walk for 1-19-2011: Game Day Edition

This is what a one game suspension, a $10K fine for your coach, and a blown shutout look like. Great idea, Bitzy.
This is what a one game suspension, a $10K fine for your coach, and a blown shutout look like. Great idea, Bitzy.

A game they didn't deserve to win, but did anyway? And almost had the shutout? Sounds just like the Wild I know. By the way, the idea that they did not deserve it is not mine, but the coach's, so you can save the comments. Sounds to me like he felt they were not playing the game they can play, which I do not find hard to believe. Hopefully they aren't overlooking Calgary tonight. As bad as they are, they aren't the Oilers.

Some good stuff on The Walk today. Make sure you check out the post about Ales Hemsky. Oilers could be in some trouble if the accusations are true. The NHLPA needs to step up and protect its members if the NHL isn't going to. 

Until game time, have a gander at the Facebook Question of the Day. Don't worry, you have plenty of time. The game isn't until 2AM. Or you know, something like that. Talk to you all later.

Also... the HWRG2000 seems to have spit out some results. Those will be up later.

Wild News


Unorthodox goalie is full of unknowns | - It's too bad the guy isn't sticking around. Built in storyline. 


Power plays are no advantage to the Oilers | - Don't believe my take above? Read this. 


Burns gets "bad" Gordie Howe Hat Trick; Staubitz to get suspended, Richards fined 10K? | - More proof Burns is getting better at this game? Taking a break from the media to calm down before commenting. 

Wild fill-in goalie just misses second straight shutout - - First sentence of this post makes me want to punch babies. "Is a goalie controversy developing with the Wild?" Yeah, Bruce. The $6 million a year guy and the regular backup with the one way deal and proven track record are going to be benched because Borat had some good game. Love the kid, but he hasn't done anything , yet.

First Round Bust: A sighting! - Maybe JS could help us out here a bit, but it looks like the guys from FRB got most of the important details out of it. Google Translate is your friend.

First Round Bust: Draft Stew, Part Deux- A good look at some of the potential draft class this summer.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: KHUDOBIN; Avs get big win - Loving the all caps usage, Kevin. Well played.

Enemy News


Sports - Flames-Hockey - Calgary Herald - The Flames have playoff hopes? Real ones? 


Matchsticks and Gasoline - SBNation home for all things Flames.

Off the Trail


Desert-native Jason Zucker heats up ice - The Clarion - Sports - Deal. Yes, really. Deal. No one needs a college degree. Come play hockey.

Ales Hemsky knocked out of game with concussion, did Oilers staff make a big mistake? | ProHockeyTalk - Joe has this towards the end: "It’s unreal to think that the Oilers or any medical staff would play this loose with something like a concussion to a player with a bad injury history..." I don't find it that difficult to believe. You get an "old school" boss, and suddenly you are right back to the stone age of this being "just a bad headache." Like I said above, the PA needs to step in if anything is going to change. Hopefully the next CBA negotiation is not just about money. Some big issues on the table.