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Wilderness Walk for 1-20-2011

The words many Wild fans never thought they would hear in regards to playing in Calgary? "I think there becomes a confidence where you're looking forward to come playing here." That's the quote from Todd Richards to Russo. Ridiculous for anyone who has watching this team for more than two years. The Saddledome still gives me chills. Stupid looking building...

Great game last night. Everything was clicking, everything was right. It was why Wild fans watch hockey, because they know that when this team plays well, they are unstoppable. The team on the ice last night could have beat anyone in the league in any building. I just really hope they latch on to this level of play with both hands. It is fun to watch, and it is the only way they are going to make the playoffs.

No game today, so everyone take a quick vacation. Say... Jamaica. Sounds good, right? Make sure you check the Facebook Question of the Day before your flight leaves. Finally, watch the video of the hit and then you tell us if Curtis Glencross should be suspended:

Wild News

Wild blows out Calgary for most lopsided road shutout in team history | - Great headline. Read it over and over.

Road roll continues rust-free for Wild | - The quote at top is from this piece. Good stuff. Players are happy and joking. That's is good to see.

Staubitz avoids blow to the wallet | - The league got it right. A blind squirrel and all...

Minnesota Wild playoff push is getting serious - - Cart before the horse here, but yeah, with the way they are playing, they would make it.

Strange Goal Scoring Celebration - Puck Daddy has video of the "nose tweek" from last night. Strange, indeed.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Best of both worlds - Kevin is impressed with Gaborik's performance. As am I. Pretty good for a rookie who has never played anywhere except New York.