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Curtis Glencross Fined $2500

According to the Toronto Star, and another report on Twitter from John Shannon of, Curtis Glencross has been fined $2500 for his hit on Clayton Stoner. This is the second time this season Glencross has been fined rather than suspended. Must be nice to have naked pictures of the NHL execs.

To put this in real terms, since none of us are going to make the $1.2 million Glencross is scheduled to make this year, for someone making $60,000 a year, this would equate to a $125 fine. I bet he will certainly think twice about trying to end someone's career next time. After all, no one wants to lose their lunch budget for the week.

Glencross was at least sullen and remorseful in his comments, wanting to be sure Stoner was OK. The emotion of the inner turmoil Glencross is going through as he struggles with the ethical delima can be felt while reading his words:

“It was a tough spot for me,” Glencross said. “The defencemen now, when you go in on the forecheck, lots of them turn their back or they stop.

“Guys used to go back and play the puck.”

Glencross said it’s next to impossible to be aggressive on the forecheck and avoid the kind of contact that led to Wednesday’s major.

“When you’re going in as hard as you can on the forecheck, and all of a sudden, the guy stops, you put yourself in a tough spot,” he said.“It wasn’t something that was intentional or anything. It was kind of a freak thing. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen, but stuff like that happens once in awhile.


You can just feel it, can't you? I just love how he takes ownership for his actions on the ice. The maturity level is through the roof.

Nice job, Coli. Can't wait to see how this all plays out in the future. I'm almost certain there is not an NHLer alive that would consider $2500 enough to change anything. Great job.