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Wilderness Walk for 1-22-2011: Game Day Edition

Lessons. We all learn lessons in life. Sometimes they come from watching others, though the vast majority come from screwing up all on our own. Either way, if we are smart, we learn from whatever mistake was made, and we move forward, doing our best not to make them again. After all, the only way to avoid failure is to learn from it.

Of course, if you are the NHL, or players that can't seem to grasp that it is over, you refuse to learn from your mistakes, knowing that you are above the fray. "Mistakes? I don't make mistakes. People love me so much, I can do what ever I want." Yet you continue to look like a complete ass to everyone around you. You are officially, that guy.

If you don't know what I am talking about, make the jump. Everything you need to know is there. If you do know what I am talking about, make the jump anyway. It'll be fun. Don't forget to head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day.

Wild News


Jose Theodore lives in the moment | - If you do not know the back story on Theo, you are missing out completely. The man is fascinating. 

Mind over matter: Wild's Eric Nystrom winning the confidence game - - Would like to see him show up on the score card one of these days. But as long as he is confident... 

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Sens lose big again; So do Stars - Stars cannot catch a break lately. I feel for them. OK, not so much.

Hitting The Post: Even Brett Favre says, "That's a little much" - Sir Flops A Lot, Floppa, The European Soccer Star. Call him whatever you want, but Peter Forsberg's visa needs to be revoked, and INS needs to be involved. Just go away, man. You're done. Get over it.

Enemy News

San Jose Sharks - San Jose Mercury News - News surrounding the Sharks. Know what they know.

Fear The Fin - I say this too often, but the folks at FtF are good folks. Check it out.

Off the Trail


What's Wrong with Minnesota Gophers Hockey? - The Daily Gopher - Clearly the issue is not enough Erik Haula. That is the only thing it can be.

Kings GM Dean Lombardi fined $50,000 - NHL - Sporting News - Here is your big lesson of the day. Attempt to break a man's neck? $2500. Make a stupid comment in the heat of the battle? $50K. Morons.