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Wilderness Walk for 1-23-2011

No one wanted to let Setoguchi sit next them on the bench. It was awkward.
No one wanted to let Setoguchi sit next them on the bench. It was awkward.

Long night for only getting 5 hours of sleep. Have I ever told you how much I hate being up early? OK, good. Make sure you remember that. 

Last night was a bit of a disappointment. After multiple games playing solid hockey, to come out with that lack of effort last night... it was depressing. Next up is Chicago, and apparently their sure bet for the Calder trophy (not so much) Corey Crawford. People on Twitter might get that joke. Others... not so much.

Anyway, not much going on today. Make sure you check out the post about Evgeni Nabokov. It is part of the "From My Mom's Basement" series, so it is filled with sarcasm and bitterness. I hope you enjoy it. Also, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day.

Wild News


Boyle a good example for Spurgeon to follow |  - My unnecessary apathy toward Jared Spurgeon tells me he can't be Dan Boyle. I am likely wrong.


Leaky second period proves too much for Wild | - I like that word. Leaky. It fits perfectly.


Wild outskated in 4-3 loss to San Jose; Schultz "might" have second head injury in a month | - "Might." Awesome. Gotta love the injury update game.

Sharks' barrage upends Wild - - Gamer from across the river.

Wild's Clayton Stoner thankful for increase in ice time - - My bet is that he thanks the hockey gods every night before he goes to sleep. If he isn't, he should be.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Bruins roll again; Conference leaders not so much - Watching the leaders lose is a bit of a catharsis for the bottom dwellers.