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Wilderness Walk for 1-24-2011

Kyle! Look out! He's behind you!
Kyle! Look out! He's behind you!

Hey everyone. Welcome to Monday, a day 99% of the Wilderness dreads, and yet somehow, I enjoy. The weekend ending means kids are back in school, football is over for the week, and life can focus on hockey again for a bit. I like Monday.

Not much happening in the world of the Minnesota Wild, at least not publicly. I would guess there are medical treatments, training sessions, and maybe even talks with the GM about trades. However, nothing overly exciting happening outwardly. We soldier on, knowing that as the Wild prepare menatally and physically to play the Hawks on Tuesday, we do the same.

We physically must go buy beer, and mentally prepare ourselves for both a big win and a big loss. Preparation, people. It's in our blood.

Pretty light Walk today, as there was very little happening with the team yesterday, and Russo is off galavanting again. By the way, SBNation's spell check does not know that "galavanting" is a word. That is your lesson of the day. Now, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day. Oh... and maybe send us some new "fact" based tidbits for the HWRG2000.

Wild News

Speed of the chase leads to chaos | - Speed has been a key word since Chuck Fletcher got here. This does not bode well for some players entering free agency this summer.

System News

The Third Intermission: Told ya not to blink: Welcome to 4th place - The Aeros were one point out of the Western Conference lead. One loss, drop to fourth.

Looking at Gophers heading into stretch run: Who will step up? | -Why include Gophers coverage? Check out Erik Huala being the only new guy contributing. Nice.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Flyers earn "revenge"; Preds get lucky - I can't wait for the Preds to pass the Wings in the standings. That will make my whole day.

Off the Trail

SNOW SHINES IN NABOKOV SAGAAlso: Source - Isles never cautioned; Buffalo 5 NYI 3 · A little bit on one old, washed up player.

Former NHL MVP Forsberg practices with Avalanche, no closer to decision on return | - A bit more on the ultimate old, washed up hockey player.