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Wilderness Walk for 1-26-2011

No, no guys, don't come over here. You don't want to smell this.
No, no guys, don't come over here. You don't want to smell this.

We're here. The All Star break. Sigh. No Wild hockey for a week. Wonderful news... don't worry, though. We have some fun stuff planned for the break, and hopefully you will enjoy at least some of it. I tried to get Nathan to do one of those "If you reach this goal, I'll shave my head" type promotions, but it turns out, he doesn't want the readers to send us cans of sardines. The guy just doesn't get it sometimes.

Why sardines? No one knows.

Today's Walk has some length to it, which is good or bad depending on your perspective. It is good for you, not so good for the productivity of your workplace. At least it isn't the State of the Union talk going on by the water cooler. Hockey > Politics. So, enjoy the Walk, we'll try to keep you entertained this week. Make sure you check out Facebook for the Question of the Day.

Wild News

Backstrom, Wild roll into All-Star break | - Big win. Guys leave happy, come back rested. Should be a good recipe for a run.

Wild given acceptable speed rating - - Given an acceptable speed rating by a media coached player trying to say the right things. Yeah. I'll buy that.

Havlat thrilled to be added to the All-Star Game roster | - Much deserved honor.

Video: Backstrom's superb scrambling stick save against Blackhawks - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Disgusting how Backstrom robbed him there. Absolutely filthy.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Hiller takes lead; Florida makes one count - Florida made one count, but did they get a new official hot dog? I didn't think so. 

System News

Curling, Rookie Parties, and a Cool Ticket Deal | Pilot to Gunner - Good stuff on the happenings surrounding the Aeros.

Off the Trail

Report: Jason Bailey suing Ducks for coaches' alleged anti-Semitism - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Two reasons to watch this story. One, it is odd to hear of a hockey player being denied ice time for, of all things, his religion. Bizarre, really. Shows there is no end to the bigotry in this world.  Second, it involves the Bakersfield Condors, which is now the Wild's ECHL affiliate.  

Team Dater, Team Russo Pick Their 2011 NHL All-Stars (Don't Laugh) - Versus - Russo's team would smoke Dater's. And I'm not saying that just because it's Dater.

Bourne Blog: When it comes to intimidation, it's hitters over fighters - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Great piece from Justin Bourne. Must read of the day.