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Not Your Father's All Star Mock Draft

It's time to let these two run their own teams and see what happens. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
It's time to let these two run their own teams and see what happens. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After having read and listened to countless All Star mock drafts ahead of tonight's NHL All Star Draft, we here at Hockey Wilderness went with a contrarian plan. Rather than draft from the All Star pool, we chose new captains, and drafted from anyone who is not an All Star. 

Nathan chose his captain to be Hernia Henrik Zetterberg (Damn you autocorrect!). Bryan, on the other hand went with the only Kaptain to ever skate in the NHL, Mikko Koivu. After that, Bryan deferred the first pick to the boss, so as not to be fired. What resulted was one of the greatest events to ever occur in hockey. Or... maybe it was just Nathan and Bryan drafting a hockey team. You decide.

We tried to stick to the rules of goalies by round ten, and D-men by 15. We forgot, and took our final goalies after 10, but we made the d-men requirement. Call us cheaters and suspend us from the ASG. I dare ya. We also did not take as many players as the standard ASG. Five lines? Overkill. 

After the jump: the draft, why we chose certain players, our lines, and our alternate captains.

The Draft:


Team Eide Reasoning Team Reynolds Reasoning

Henrik Zetterberg (C)

Let's be honest, he backed out of the ASG so he could lead my team to victory

Mikko Koivu

Um, he's the Kaptain, that's all I need

Alex Semin

He's going to beat Team Reynolds like bongos

Bobby Ryan

first name that popped in my head when I thought about All Star snubs, and he is exciting to watch

Ryan Suter (A)

I hate the cheeseheads, but this kid is offense from the blue line, and this is essentially a defense-free game

Jeff Carter

One of the best centers in the game

Mikhail Grabovski

Gotta get the press there somehow, and with no Crosby or Ovechkin, I clearly need a Maple Leaf

Brendan Morrow

too many points to not include

Thomas Vanek

If he doesn't need to backcheck, he's other-worldly

Ilya Kovalchuk

name recognition, and he is playing better as of late

Nicklas Backstrom 

If I wanted to stop the other team from scoring, I'd take the other Backstrom, but this one puts the puck in the net, with frequency

Ondrej Pavelec

how this guy is not at the ASG is beyond me

Pekka Rinne

Every time I watch him, he wins. 

Joe Thornton

despite what some people think, this guy is one of the best in the game

Pavel Datsyuk

Zetterberg needs to feel comfortable somehow

Lubomir Visnovsky

needed a d

Jack Johnson

I just like hearing Canadians boo him

John-Michael Liles

same reasoning as Lubes

Brent Seabrook

Need a guy to lead the breakout

Marian Gaborik

I feel shame. That is all.

Drew Doughty

Look at my defensemen. Young, talented, fast. I rule.

Mike Ribiero

I needed a play maker.

Tomas Plekanec

The NHL took the wrong guy from Montreal. Plekanec was the class of the 2010-2011 free agents for a reason

Ryan Miller

I believe in Millercles.

Roberto Luongo

So long as he's not playing the Wild, he's a god.

Jordan Leopold (A)

My former Gopher quota had not been met.

Mike Richards (A)

How the hell did he last this long? Seriously?

Ryan Whitney

more points from the blue line

Tyler Myers

This kid needs a chance to rebound from a rough sophomore season, I'll give him that chance.

Alex Goligoski

another former Gopher, young and exciting on the PP

Keith Ballard

I figure I might as well placate the Minnesota homers.

Joe Corvo

clearly sucking up to the Carolina audience

Tuomo Ruutu

I was lacking in Finns, and this Ruutu has talent.

Teemu Selanne

needed Finn to skate with Mikko

Dany Heatley

I need someone to come out and put fear in the other team. I heard Heater was willing to chauffeur.

Cal Clutterbuck

I want some hitting in the ASG, plus can you imagine him mic'd up?

Ryan Getzlaf

Big body in front of the net. With all these snipers, someone needs to pick up the trash.

Patrick Marleau (A)

I need some veteran leadership

Andrew Ladd

Stanley Cup Champion, playoff positionin Atlanta. Winning is in Ladd's blood.

Linus Omark

Skills competition, baby. And, I need someone on the squad as disrespectful as I am



Team Eide
Team Reynolds

Henrik Zetterberg - Pavel Datsyuk - Thomas Vanek
Alex Semin - Mikhail Grabovski - Nicklas Backstrom
Thomas Plekanec - Mike Richards - Dany Heatley
Tuomo Ruutu - Ryan Getzlaf - Andrew Ladd

Jack Johnson - Drew Doughty
Brent Seabrook - Ryan Suter
Tyler Myers - Keith Ballard

Pekka Rinne
Roberto Luongo

Bobby Ryan - Mikko Koivu - Teemu Selanne
Brendan Morrow - Jeff Carter - Marian Gaborik
Ilya Kovalchuk - Joe Thornton - Cal Clutterbuck
Patrick Marleau - Mike Ribiero - Linus Omark

John-Michael Liles - Lubomir Visnovsky
Jordan Leopold - Ryan Whitney
Alex Goligoski - Joe Corvo

Ondrej Pavelec
Ryan Miller


Nathan: Letting Bryan get away with taking my next pick three times. THREE TIMES

Bryan: Not taking Saku Koivu.