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CBC Players Poll

CBC released a poll they conducted in partnership with the NHLPA tonight. SOme of the results are pretty standard. Sidney Crosby won 946 categories or so. Some of the results are pretty funny. For a full list of results, check out the questions over at CBC's website.

Some of the more interesting results? 

Most overrated team: Montreal Canadiens

Learning the news, the Canadiens planned a ceremony for their first home game, and retired six more sweaters.

Toughest player: Derek Boogaard

Clearly, the players fear him. Now, if only that meant something.

Best NHL Referee: NONE!

This is, by far, the greatest answer ever. The refs have gone downhill signifcantly in recent years. Why? I don't know, but they have. Better replays available, showing us just how many mistakes are made? Younger refs? Discord between league and NHLOA? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Xcel Energy Center finished 4th in the "Best Ice" poll, though only 8% said so. 

Check out the original list. Any of them catch your eye?