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Wilderness Walk for 1-3-2011

A new year, a new team? If the Wild know what's good for them, they won't let this momentum slip away. That was, what the call in the business, an emotional win. Ups and downs, and you came out on top. You now go out east for games against teams you should be able to beat, if only because they play in the East.

Your fans are excited, they have forgiven most, if not everything you have done in the past. Funny how a win like last night's will do that. Every player on the ice should have a confidence boost except Martin Havlat, and I'd prefer he play pissed off, if you don't mind.  You have your fan base in your hand.

Don't hose this up.

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Wild News

Wild: Ending is worth dwelling on | - Cam Barker really scored the GWG. I know it because I saw it, but if Youngblood says he saw it to, it must be true.

Russo, where were you? | - The question of the night.

Koivu not oblivious to his numbers' impact | - The thing not mentioned in this article? Koivu smiled. I saw it. I swear to you, he smiled.

Bouchard bouncing back nicely after concussion | - I'm fairly certain this post is stolen from someone, but the real question is this. Why is the update about Butch on a page about the LA Clippers. This only lends credit to the belief that Barker = Kobe Bryant.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Flyers win clash of titans, but Canucks slip ahead - You want to make yourself sick? Check out the overall league standings today. Enough to make a Wild fan barf on sight.