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Wilderness Walk for 1-4-2011: Game Day Edition

I will ask now, since I may not have time tonight. The Wild play the Devils tonight, one of the worst teams in the NHL. If the Wild should find a way to lose tonight, I ask you, will you please stay away from bridges and cliffs? Thank you in advance.

Yes, the Wild head to face their old coach, hopefully for the last time. It still amazes me that Lemaire continues to show up behind the bench. Mostly because he's getting to that point in life where if he gets hurt, it's going to start being life threatening. A slippery surface for two hours every day doesn't seem like the best work environment.

Not telling him what to do, or wishing him ill. Just that if I got that call at his age, my answer would have been: Are you nuts?

East coast game means it is a bit earlier than most. So, get the Question of the Day out of the way, and submit any final "fact" based tidbits for the HWRG2000. The machine is warming up as I type this. Sometimes it takes awhile, but the process has begun.

Wild News

With his late heroics, Bouchard brings back that thrilling feeling | - Butch likes the feeling he got after being part of the winner. This is a very, very good thing.

Yesterday's Headlines

Editor's note: In an effort to bring you all of the Wild coverage we can, we have launched the "yesterday's headlines" section. As it sits, this is where you will find the coverage from the Pioneer Press. We have no idea why they do not release the news the day it would be relevant, but it is their right not to do so. Thus, "Yesterday's Headlines."

Pierre-Marc Bouchard helps Minnesota Wild capitalize with goalie pulled - - Did anyone know that Butch helped win the game two days ago? Well, you do now.

Wild captain Mikko Koivu takes charge in overtime win over Coyotes - - Being that it was two days ago, I don't remember Koivu playing much of a part in the OT, but it could just be me.

Enemy News

In Lou We Trust - Your SBNation home for the Devils.

Off the Trail

Mission: Keep kids on the ice | - Great Strib article about Defending the Blue Line, a group that I work closely with. Please read this.

30 Things I Can’t Wait For in 2011 - I can't wait for this either, Matt. I really can't. First question we get from every blogger.

For Lemaire, back to basics with the Devils | - There was a lengthy meeting on the ice when Lemaire felt they were not getting it. No word on if Ilya Kovalchuk told him "Я играл в хоккей, так как я было три года."