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Wilderness Walk for 1-5-2011

First things first. I will be gone for the next four days. Ice fishing on Lake of the Woods, if you would like to know. No internet access, and at best, spotty cell phone coverage. The Walk is in the hands of our able bodied, if a little slow, Canadian friend, JS. Hopefully he doesn't hate me too much after I gave him all those beautiful birthday presents.

Anyway. JS has the Walk for the next four days. If you don't like it, blame him. Mostly, because I won't be here to blame.

Back to today. Crazy game last night, but it makes the Wild 6-3-1 in their past ten, and it puts them two points out of a playoff spot. Despite their still being a crowd in front of them (they are in 12th), even a bitter cynic like me has to admit that they battled back to find themselves where they are. Four points from fourth in the conference. ;-)

OK. No game tonight, and you lose me at 6AM tomorrow. Enjoy the next four days, and make sure you give JS plenty of grief support. Question of the Day is up on Facebook, so feel free to check that out. Later all.

Wild News


Dream-like goal carries Wild past Devils | - Having watched loads of NHL hockey, and Wild hockey in particular, I have seen fluky goals. This was certainly in the top five. Especially for a game winner.

A goal's a goal no matter how it's scored. Just ask Minnesota Wild rookie Clayton Stoner - - Yes, this is really a Pioneer Press article. On the day it was published. The power we wield here is incredible. (Not really)

 Wild’s Stoner Scores A Pothead’s Goal (Video) : Total Pro Sports - A Pothead goal. Get it? Because his name is Stoner?

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Lightning get by Caps in SE clash; Lucky bounces help two teams - After a huge (OK, small) debate about why VS would choose Wild / Devils over Bolts / Caps, turns out they likely made the right choice.

Off the Trail


Rolston hoping to regain confidence | - Last night's game should help. Rolston played well, including a huge blast off of Jared Spurgeon.


Former Wild star Brian Rolston having a Devil of a time playing for New Jersey - - Here is a second article... also from today. Amazing.