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Gone Fishin': Part One


I know how much you all love me, and can't live without me, so I decided to write a couple of updates to auto post while I am gone. Nothing hockey related, since I will have little idea what is actually happening with the team. Although, maybe I should cover the Warroad game, and this write this trip off as a business expense. Hmmm...

Anyway. By the time you read this first update, I should be in lovely Garrison, MN. We will stop and have breakfast, and stop at the gas station for coffee. This will also be our first chance to add our favorite brand of coffee creamer, which may or may not be made by the good people at Bailey's. 

I won't keep you. Hope you all are having a great day at work while I lounge in the backseat of this truck working on the buzz that will not end until Sunday morning. We'll talk to you all later.