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Gone Fishin': Part Three - Baudette, Baby


Note: It was difficult to decide what time to post this update. We could be in Baudette by about 1PM, or we might not make it until 5 or 6. It all depends on how fast we move, and how much beer we drink in Northome.

After passing the now decommissioned Coast Guard site at the end of the bog road, our journey ends just outside of Baudette, but that won't stop us from making one last pit stop. You see, Baudette has some of the greatest places on the planet. The first stop will be whichever gas station we decide to pull into. A top off of the tank, maybe a candy bar, maybe not. Then... magic happens.

The Ranch House. The single greatest restaurant on the globe. Pancakes the size of birthday cakes. Massive meals for the cost of a cheeseburger at McDonald's. If you are an idiot, you can go eat at McDonald's here in Baudette, but I may come in and smack you if you do. I'm not kidding.

After we are stuffed full of homemade food, we will walk across the street to? The Baudette Municipal Bar and Liquor store. At this point, our driver will also get an adult beverage, because we have about 5 miles to go. The rest of us? We will attempt to empty their supply of Premium, and will fail miserably in the short time we are there. Always want to spend more time here, but alas, we have to go check in.

If you are at Arneson's Rocky Point this weekend, look for a group of guys with one of them wearing a pink toque. That's the Pout King. I'm with them. Stop and say hi. Bring beer.