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Wilderness Walk for 1-7-2011

Ugh! Stop showing me Pouliot's shootout goal!  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Ugh! Stop showing me Pouliot's shootout goal! (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hello everyone! Right  now, Bryan is currently away probably NOT catching anything on his fishing trip, so I'll be taking care of business for another 3 days, so bear with us, his snarkiness will return soon enough.

The Wild are coming off another huge win which gives them another huge two points which sets the season up to be a huge disappointment if they trip before the finish line and don't make the playoffs, because they actually have a legitimate chance now as they stand in 10th place, just two points away from 5th. Oh, Guillaume Latendresse, we could've used some of those goals of yours right about now! Last year, it was Pierre-Marc Bouchard, every other year it was Marian Gaborik. Can't help but wonder what could've been if those guys hadn't missed so many games in those non-playoff years. I guess every team goes through it to some degree though, so no use crying over spilled milk.

Next game is against Pittsburgh, which will have many of us saying ''There goes our streak'', but don't cross it off yet, because some guy named Sidney Crosby will be missing that game due to a concussion and I heard that the guy is a pretty good hockey player, so we may have a chance at this one. Heck, the Habs beat them last night, or should I say Benoit Pouliot beat them last night, so anyone can.

Today's Question of the day is up on our Facebook page and stay tuned for the next chapters of Bryan's totally radical fishing adventure.

Have a nice day everyone!

Wild News


Confident Wild stays in the zone | - Russo's gamer. Sadly, no fake Boston accent this time around.

Wild continues to soar with huge win in Boston | - Russo's blog. According to him, last night was the Wild's most entertaining game of the season effort-wise and stuff. You wanna know if I'm watching a game or not? When they play that well, chances are I missed it. I ALWAYS miss those games.

GM taking stock of draftees | - There is indeed a lot to be proud of when it comes to our prospects. Doesn't it feel good to read that sentence? Also, Richards is looking more from O'Sullivan, but what do you expect when you put a player with his skill set on the third line with limited ice-time? They're just making the same mistake all the other teams he played for made.

Forward progress: Wild notch 10th road victory with 3-1 win at Boston - - It seems the Wild are good on the road now. Who knew? Now if they could just translate that into home wins...

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Flyers overcome early struggle; Wild stay hot - Why the hell did Benoit Pouliot score such a pretty goal in the shootout? Now I have to deal with all the mock '' How's Latendresse doing this year?''...


 Off The Trail


Jamie Langenbrunner Traded to Dallas -- NHL FanHouse - This happened as I was finishing up the Walk, but Minnesota's own Jamie Langenbrunner is out of New-Jersey. The blow-up begins?

Video: Mikhail Grabovski's awesome shootout goal vs. Blues - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - This is the game I was forced to watch last night because of my cousin. While the Leafs failed to hold the Blues pointless, Grabovski scored a shootout goal that's as pretty as they come last night. When the Blues came back from a 5-2 deficit to tie it 5-5, my cousin proceeded to announce to my aunt that he felt like kicking babies and he swore a lot. My aunt was disappointed, I was entertained. Of course I don't condone kicking babies, but his rage was tasty.