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Wilderness Walk for 10-1-2011

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Is it October yet? Why yes, yes it is. And welcome back, October, we missed you dearly.

Last night was another loss for the Wild, another blown two goal lead, but of course, all eyes are on the Taylor Fedun injury. There is a great deal of discussion of it out there, and if you want to seek it out, feel free. 99.9% of it all says the exact same thing, and only a very small portion believe Eric Nystrom did anything wrong.

So there is that. The next step is obviously recovery and rehab for Fedun. We hope he can learn from Wild fan favorite Kurtis Foster and persevere through this.

After the jump, some news and links for Saturday.

Wild News

Sprint to beat icing results in big loss for Oilers | - Russo weighs in a bit on the happenings.

Wild defense aims to click without flash | - And then discusses the topic of the year. The Wild blue line.

Wild loss overshadowed by disturbing Oilers injury; Wild assigns Wellman, Prosser | - Rants from post game.

Clutterbuck sidelined with sore groin | Rants from pregame, with some injury news.

Wild impressed with Heatley's effort | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun - Yes, yes they are.

Wild Talk

Minnesota Wild | Bypass Lane - Minnesota Wild - Fan Zone - This is something very cool the Wild have put in place this season. You should check it out if you go to games regularly.

2011-2012 Season preview: Minnesota Wild | ProHockeyTalk - Hockey Joe with a look at the Wild. Get this... the facts are correct.