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Wilderness Walk: 10/10/11 - Game Day Edition

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Ok, we've given our view on the over the top suspension to Pierre-Marc Bouchard. Let's move on to today's game with the lowly Islanders. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the fans of the Isle. I love everything about the New York hockey fan. Heck, I even love the history of the franchise and the Nassau County Coloseum. What I don't like is Garth Snow and the way he has destroyed a once proud franchise. He makes Bill Smith look like a general managing genius.

Oh, and noon hockey on Columbus Day is stupid. Who (aside from the postal service) gets freaking Columbus Day off?

Anyway, here is your walk:

Wild vs. Islanders

Bouchard stuff
Looking ahead
  • Heatley still haunts Senators | Posted Sports | National Post
    How nice of Dany Heatley to return to town with the Minnesota Wild and help the Ottawa Senators kick off their 20th season on Tuesday night. The only thing better would be for Heatley to join hands with Alexei Yashin at centre ice so fans could let loose with their abuse. Heatley and Yashin — or Yashin and Heatley, if you prefer — rank first and second on the all-time, all-star villain list as the Senators franchise ends its second decade

  • Minnesota Wild's No. 1 line truly worthy of the status -
    "I can't remember the last time they had the legitimacy of a top line," said Darren Pang, a network TV analyst. "The big, prototypical power center who can make a play and the guys who can come off the wing and score goals."