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Wilderness Walk: 10/11/11 - Game Day Edition

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Yep, Bryan is still somewhere up north doing things to animals.

Let's get to it.

  • Vote On Last Week's Top Plays Last year, wanted help from our fans in the State of Hockey and beyond to help us select the Top Play of the Year. To do so, we needed you to pick the Top Plays each week, so we could pit them against each other in the offseason in a single-elimination tournament. We had so much fun, we're going to do it again this year.

A look back at a tough loss

So apparently our friends in Ottawa don't much care for our #15.

Enough about Heatley. What about the Sens and today's game?

  • Senators pay for losses with backcheck If the Ottawa Senators don’t hound the Minnesota Wild with their backchecking in the home opener Tuesday, it won’t be for lack of practice.
  • Gonchar next for Sens boos hounds? | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun Fans at Scotiabank Place Tuesday will be doing an awful lot of booing for a home opener, and it will have nothing to do with the fact the Senators are oh-fer-two and haven’t even scored a goal until they’ve been in a third-period hole deeper than Eugene Melnyk’s pockets.  They will, of course, be giving it to Dany Heatley. As they are good and right to do.
  • Senators Game Day: Home Opener vs. Wild | Senators | Sports | Ottawa Sun The club went through a hard practice and there was plenty of work done under coach Paul MacLean. The Senators have been able to score goals in two games and that should give them confidence because they’re expected to struggle. The club needed a good work day Monday.
  • Sens feel Mac attack in practice | Senators | Sports | Ottawa Sun
    With the Senators winless in their first two games, the coach put the players through a difficult 78-minute practice with plenty of skating before Tuesday’s home opener vs. the Minnesota Wild.