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Eric Nystrom Traded to Dallas Stars

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After being placed on waivers, clearing waivers, sent to Houston, placed on re-entry waivers, and clearing re-entry waivers, Eric Nystrom has been traded to the Dallas Stars for "future considerations." In hockey parlance, that usually means "we can't just give you to him, so we use 'future considerations' to fill in the paperwork." It really is too bad that Nystrom has left the franchise, but he simply was not in the future plans for the organization, and was apparently outplayed by the young guys.

Dallas needed help to stay above the cap floor, and Nystrom fits perfectly. According to Russo, they need $1.2 million to make the floor, and Nystrom makes $1.4 million per year for the next two years. Hopefully he has found a place he can stick in the lineup and contribute. If he does, the Stars pulled off a great trade. If not, they lose nothing, and the Wild really gain very little.

Strange how the hockey world works these days.

So, Wilderness, what is your favorite Eric Nystrom memory?