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Aaron Boogaard Pleads Guilty; Puts Legal Issues to Bed

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According to the Minneapolis StartTribuine, Aaron Boogaard has pleaded guilty to the gross misdemeanor charge of "disturbing the scene of a death." This was the final remaining charge against Boogaard after a judge dismissed the felony count a couple weeks ago. The article says that Boogaard was sentenced to a 6 month stayed sentence, 80 hours community service, and probation. This means there will be zero jail time should Boogaard remain out of legal trouble.

This is great news for Aaron individually and the Boogaard family as a whole. The legal mess has had to of interfered with the grieving process, and now that part is out of the way.

Hopefully this puts to rest the legal issue, and we can start talking about Aaron Boogaard's hockey career again, and let the Boogaard family attempt to move on with their lives. Best of luck in all future endeavors to everyone in the family.