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Please Welcome Ms. Conduct to Hockey Wilderness

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Misconduct_medium In a continuing effort to bring you the best Minnesota Wild coverage on the web, Hockey Wilderness often reaches out to the lunatic fringe to add talent to the roster. Today, our respectability level goes way up as we add one of my personal favorite writers, and one of my personal favorite people to the masthead.

You should all know who she is, but in case you don't (please get out from under that rock), Hockey Wilderness is very proud to announce that none other than Ms. Conduct herself will be gracing our little site with a weekly Aeros update. Look for it Wednesdays at lunch time.

Here she is, in her own words:

Hey Wilderness!

I've been bopping around the Wild blog-o-sphere and message boards for a few years now, so maybe you already know me. But if not, here's a little run down:

I live in Houston. I've been going to Aeros games for 5 or so years. I'm obsessed with goalies.

No seriously... I. REALLY. LOVE. GOALIES. Catch my drift? Yeah. I like them so much, I became one. I suck at it, but I have crap ton of fun.

I and the other two writers who cover the Aeros regularly (Andrew Ferraro for the Houston Chronicle and John Royal at the Houston Press) have a fun little blog called The Third Intermission where we cover Aeros news and do game reports and basically wallow in all things Aeros.

You should make that a regular stop if you're REALLY into what the farm team is doing, but if you just want the high level view, that's what I'll be dishing out every week here at the Wilderness. I'm a Wild fan, too, so I hope I have a sense of what you want/need to know about what's going on down here.

Apart from that, I also write a bi-weekly column for's Backhand Shelf blog, which is more general hockey topics and as much goalie porn as I can fit in without getting fired.

That's it. Let me know in the comments if you have questions I can answer for your about the Aeros. We also have a T3I Twitter @3rdIntermission you can follow to get in game tweets. Or just follow me on Twitter @msconduct10 if you want my day-to-day nonsense.


There you have it, Wilderness. The newest member of the team is formally introduced. Please welcome her in the only way you know how.