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Wilderness Walk for 10-2-2011

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No suspension, as reason and logic prevail.
No suspension, as reason and logic prevail.

So it turns out that the NHL is going to side with the voice of reason, rather than with the voice of absurdity and overreaction. As you will see in the links, the reports are that Eric Nystrom will not be suspended, despite the not so vocal minority calling for him to be punished.

We finally have a league disciplinarian that gets it, and uses sound judgment to decide on suspensions, why would we suddenly want him to throw all that away for the sake of a terrible rule that no one can make an argument for? The emotions of it overwhelmed some, and caused them to forget their objectivity exists and find any and all reasons (factually correct or not) to recommend a suspension.

This, despite video evidence to the contrary. Of course, as we have learned in the past, video doesn't mean anything. Right?

Links and news after the jump.

Wild News

NHL Sources: Eric Nystrom unlikely to be suspended | - Russo with the news and a bit of explanation.

Nystrom offers an apology and comes to own defense | - Newspaper version.

Zulgad: Can Wild provide wins during trying time in Minnesota sports? | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Judd Zulgad in his new role with AM1500 talks some puck.

Tending the Fields

Aeros, Stars in Preseason Action Sunday " Pilot to Gunner - A bit of insight about the Aeros.

Off the Trail

Eric Nystrom Hit On Taylor Fedun: Suspension Worthy, But For How Long? - The Copper & Blue - If you ever want to read a homerific, hysterically funny take on an event that doesn't match the actual event, this is it. Notice the overwhelming vote to not suspend Nystrom. That worked out well.