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Wilderness Walk for 10-20-2011: Game Day Edition

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Still suffering from the aftermath of Lasik eye surgery, but trying to battle through, so bear with me if I flub a pass or something. This sucks.

The Pens game did not go well, according to the dulcet tones of Bob Kurtz. The fact that nearly every article after it is about Yeo not being happy would be another sign of that. Listening to Yeo talk, he sounds like he knows what the problem is, and has confidence in his team to get the job done. Here's hoping they reward that confidence eventually.

Dame night tonight, against none other than the Edmonton Oilers. As you all know, the Wild own the Oilers, so maybe a game against the kids is just what they need to turn the ship around. Of course, an ugly loss could just add to the pain.

Enjoy the game. No QoD today, but give us a caption for the picture above, if you are so moved. Your very short Walk, after the jump.

Wild News

Lulls grab Yeo's attention | - They have his attention, now, let's see what he does about it.

Yeo looking for more as Wild hits the road | - The Rants version.

Wild-Edmonton game preview | - Trib preview of the game.

Latendresse a Offensive Threat Again - Good to see him healthy, isn't it?

Tending the Fields

McMillan Suspended - Carson McMillan has been suspended for four games. From the reaction from our friends at T3I on Twitter, sounds like a bad call.

Enemy Perspective

Newcomer Potter plays like an established player - Apparently not too much going on in Oilers nation these days.