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Wilderness Walk for 10-21-2011

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Be honest now, how many of you actually watched the entire game? Now, how many of you gave up and went to bed?

This isn'tthe way they need to be beating teams like the Edmonton Oilers, but a win is a win. It still counts as two points, regardless of if the goal came early or late. I, of course, missed almost the entire game. The white ice, much like the white background here at HW, does wonders for my eye and I simply couldn't watch it. I turned theTV on to check the score just in time to see Heatley score the tying goal.

Impressive to say the least. The hope here is that they pull some sort of rally out of this excitement. Of course, with the Kaptain now cut, we'll see if that deflates them at all. Should be an interesting game against the Nucks coming up.

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Wild News

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Enemy Perspective

Learning on the job for RNH | Edmonton Journal - Hopefully his learning onthe job goes better than learning on the job Wild fans have seen in the past.

Heatley heroics haunt Oiler fans - They really did not like that at all. Awww.... too bad.

Tending the Fields

Mike Reilly & Mario Lucia Suiting up for the USA | - Nice honor for Lucia.