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Wilderness Walk for 10-22-2011: Game Day Edition

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If you aren't excited for afternoon hockey against the Canucks... well... to be honest, you're probably normal. Still, I can see again (to a point), hockey is on TV, and I'm in. You don't what you got 'til it's gone, folks. Also, I am terrible at scheduling things. Who schedules vacation for opening night, and then schedules eye surgery that is clearly going to tarnish multiple games? Isn't that what summer is for?

Seriously, man. Learn the lesson.

Back on the saddle, one eyed and raring to go. Question of the Day over at Facebook, and links after the jump.

Wild News

Wild head west to Vancouver for day game - 3PM hockey. Ugh.

Tough Koivu helping Wild find a new identity - Yes, the Vancouver papers are writing about the Wild...

AM 1150 - News Talk Sports :: Hay says Bulmer would get an invite :: Local News - Bulmer would get an invite to play for Team Canada. You know... if he wasn't living his dream of playing in the NHL.

Wild’s Dany Heatly concedes ‘tough start’ with Canadian swing - And the other Vancouver paper is writing about Heatley? Impressive.

Wild's Gillies learns from Kesler by reading the paper - Oh, and about Gillies.

Enjoying back-to-back wins has been elusive for Wild | - Winning back to backs would be good right about now.

Gameday: Wild at Vancouver | - Strib preview for the game.

Koivu, Wild teammates go from scared to relieved | - Uncool, Dany. Uncool. (I kid, I kid.)

Enemy Perspective

Canucks to start Cory Schneider in goal vs. Wild - Most likely because the Wild sort of own Lu.

Canucks' Sami Salo delivers the point on power play, in his own end - Not sure that's the end you want to deliver in on the power play, but hey, keep up the good work.

Nucks Misconduct - SBNation home for all things Nucks.

Tending the Fields

Penticton, loaded with eight Minnesotans, leads its BCHL conference | - The Strib has some Mario Lucia love.

Taffe's late goal helps Aeros rally past Checkers - Houston Chronicle - Aeros win. Aeros win.

Aeros Stun Checkers - T3I with their take.