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Wilderness Walk for 10-23-2011

Get him outta here... gotta push him... keep working... what? Oh... never mind.
Get him outta here... gotta push him... keep working... what? Oh... never mind.

The good news this morning? Three out of four points on the short road trip, AND we didn't have to stay up until midnight to watch the Canucks game. Central division, he we come! Sigh.

Today's Walk is a good one. Some good stuff about the game, from both sides, a big trade after the game, some news on the Aeros, and some news on the prospects. Good stuff all around. Beyond that, it is Sunday, which means all of you are, for some unknown reason, going to sit in front of your TVs and watch the Vikings get killed by the Packers. If, for some reason, you decide you have some self-esteem and don't wish to waste your day with them, stop by about noon for the first Stock Market Report of the year.

It'll be fun. Like stickin' it to the man.

We have a Question of the Day up over on Facebook as well. Also, a reminder, just a little over a week until Movember. Who's in?

Wild News

Wild's fifth overtime in six games ends in another loss in Vancouver | - Post game Rants.

Heatley error stings Wild in overtime loss at Vancouver | - Newspaper gamer.

No rust showing in Falk's debut | - Good stuff in Russo's notebook today. About fish.

Dany Heatley goes from hero to goat as Wild lose in OT to Canucks | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Doesn't take long, does it?

Enemy Perspective

Wild at Canucks Recap ; Boom Boom Boom ( 3-2W in OT) - Nucks Misconduct - Gamer from our friends at Nucks Misconduct

Canucks Trade Samuelsson And Sturm To Panthers For Booth(!) And Reinprecht - Nucks Misconduct - And then... this happened.

Game pales in comparison to trade - Indeed. David Booth is a Nuck? Wow.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros escape with a point in 2-1 SO loss to Charlotte - Aeros took three of four points as well. Why are they so chipper?

Offensive Explosion Leads Crimson Over Western Ontario in Opening-Game Exhibition | Sports | The Harvard Crimson - Wild goalie prospect Stephan Michalek didn't have a great evening in his college debut, but he did hold on to win. So there's that.

DU Pioneers rip Minnesota State 10-2 - The Denver Post - Couple goals for Zucker as the Pioneers manhandle the Mavs.

Hot Gophers put the fire to Vermont in six-goal rout | - Erik Haula with a pair of assists.

BC snuffs out NU’s upset bid - - And, of course, Charlie Coyle in on the fun as well.

Off the Trail

Sunday Insider: NHL players on better behavior -- so far | - Good to see the players are learning. Now, if Coli could get out of Shanahan's head, we'd be golden.