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An Idiot's Pronunciation Guide: Minnesota Wild

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A few weeks ago, our friend Harrison Mooney over at Puck Daddy found some Youtube videos that were serving as one man's pronunciation guide for NHL players. The problem? Most of them were hilariously incorrect. We don't make a habit of stealing the work of our counterparts, but as time has passed, the person has continued to add to the catalog, many of them Minnesota Wild players.

For those who do not know of what we write, here is the prime example, as found by Mooney:

Yes... he added about seventeen syllables and completely hosed up the name. A French name pronounced in English can tricky. However, no one can possibly screw up Cody Almond, right? Well...

After the jump, pronunciations fit for your morning laugh. Thanks to Harrison for the original find. This could make for long standing humor.

Mikko Koivu

Not sure if Mikka Kiprusoff has an issue with this pronunciation, but the "o" sounds like an "o," even in Finnish.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard

Bowerchard. Entire syllables AND letters added in. Classic.

Devin Setoguchi

Good to know that if Setoguchi ever wants to go into the drag queen business, it won't take much to find a name.

Greg Zanon

OK, OK. This one isn't far off, but the way he pronounces it makes me think Zanon could be one of the bad guys in Superman 3.

Marco Scandella

Awfully funny way to say "Pizza" if you ask me. Seriously, though, unless Marco ends up in a tawdry affair with a celebrity housewife, I don't think this fits.

Cody Almond

Really? I mean... REALLY? How in the hell do you screw up Almond? This one is just plain wrong.

Jeff Taffe

He's not the candyman. Sorry, pal.

Brett Bulmer

Again... this one seems pretty straight forward. Bul-meeer. Bul-meeer. That's going to stick with me.

Matt Cullen

Colleen? Well... sure, I guess. I didn't include Kyle Brodziak or Nate Prosser here fGor the same reason. Apparently, to our friendly pronunciation expert, vowels are always long. Always.

Colton Gillies

One of my favorites. Guh. Guh. Try it, sir. Guh. G... not J.

Niklas Backstrom

Again, this one really isn't even in need of a pronunciation guide, and yet... wow.

Wade Dubielwicz

OK, OK, so Dubie isn't with the Wild anymore, but this one just HAS to be good, right? I mean, even his dad can't pronounce this name correctly.

What the? This one he gets right? He can't say Cody Almond, but he nails Dubielwicz? Come on now...

OK, We're Done

We apologize for putting you through that. There just got to be so many that I couldn't keep them all to myself anymore. Which one is your favorite? Have you any idea who this person is? If so, can you do us a favor and have him attempt Mikael Granlund? Thanks.