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Wilderness Walk for 10-24-2011

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It's Monday. Nothing good happens on Monday. It's like the powers that be sit around all weekend just waiting to deliver bad news until Monday. Jerks.

Today's Walk is rather short, with there being no game yesterday and with there being little hockey played at all. Plenty of prospect stuff going on, and, as mentioned above, some not so good news surrounding the hockey world. We may have to play a game of "find the silver lining" or something to cheer us back up after all this negativity.

Oh, who am I kidding? I thrive on negativity. Especially misplaced negativity. And it's Monday, a day ripe with misplaced negativity and bitterness. I love Monday. Make sure to check out the Question of the Day over on Facebook, then... make the jump.

Wild News

Progress in 'process' becomes a hot topic in run of close games | - We need Mike Yeo here today. The guy could find a silver lining to a razor blade slide.

Tending the Fields

Goalie Endras gets first win as Aeros top Griffins - Houston Chronicle - Endras... Endras... that's the German fellow, right?

The Third Intermission: Aeros Take Over For 3-1 Win - They really did win. I know because I read it online. - Saskatchewan News - Colton Jobke news. Colton Jobke? Really?

Off the Trail

Tea with Ms.Conduct: Throwing my bra at Kärppä | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Good stuff from Ms. C over at The Score.

Russia bans airline in ongoing crackdown after ice hockey crash | Russia | RIA Novosti - Silver lining? You decide.

Report: Alabama-Huntsville losing varsity status :: :: U.S. College Hockey Online - No silver lining here. This just sucks.